Cicada Rhythm, Haunted Shed, & Bichos Vivos

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)


Cicada Rhythm put on their 5th farm show with Bichos Vivos, and Haunted Shed. Doors at 5, haunted shed at 6, cicada rhythm at 7, Bichos Vivos at 8pm

BICHOS VIVOS - Rooted in the Brazilian northeast region, Forró is party music driven by the accordion, triangle, Zabumba (big traditional drum), rounded out by guitar, bass, percussion, and vocals. The closest equivalent here in the US is Zydeco with its infectious and highly danceable rhythms. These are deeply soulful songs that also make people swing their hips and dance through the night.

HAUNTED SHED - Fronted by lifelong musician and songwriter Etienne de Rocher, Haunted Shed sometimes sounds like it evolved from the West Coast’s lineage of late 20th century indie rock. Other times it sounds like there is a new genre happening here, right before our ears: something that unravels familiar sounds from the past to weave into brand new patterns and shapes.