1. Werewolves

From the recording Cicada Rhythm


lately i've been tossing and turning in my sleep
i've tried counting my blessings but i'm only counting sheep
so i called upon my doctor and i asked him what to do
he said, “son, at this midnight hour there’s nothing i can do for you”
i was feeling mighty restless so i went out for a stroll
looked up at the moon and lost all control
i headed for the city, i had to paint it red
no longer was i me i was something else instead
i woke up in a pack of wolves
so i tiptoed out of the woods
and when i made it home, yes i made home just fine
until i saw the paper the headline caught my eye
it read "did you hear the werewolf cry?"
deny the demons in you, you can fight them nail and tooth
but you'll just find yourself fighting off the truth
when temptation takes its toll you’ll see it’s long overdue
and when the sun leaves the sky there’s only one path i’ll choose
it feels so right howling at night again
and what can you do when you no longer choose
but the choice chooses you
you can try, oh you can try
but you’ll always hear the werewolf cry